Monday, March 16, 2009


There are a million different things difficult with pregnancy. But the thing that is probably the worst for everyone involved is the emotional roller coaster. When I was pregnant with Josh I vowed that I would still be a nice pregnant person, it was hard sometimes, but I remember being pretty good...I think. This time, I have kind of forgotten my promise to myself. I haven't been evil, I hope, but moody is for sure the emotion of everyday. And poor Josh and Tyson get all the side affects.

Yesterday, Tyson came home from his church meetings and we were talking and I don't know what happened, suddenly I was sobbing and I felt completely depressed and hopeless. I don't even think I was having a bad day and I still don't really know what I was crying for. But luckily Tyson is super patient with me and makes me laugh. He almost convinced me we didn't need to go to church, but alas, my conscience is my worst enemy. :) And today I snapped at cute little Josh like 5 times. I never get mad at the little guy and suddenly he is getting yelled at (okay, not really yelled at, more like lectured at, but that stinks for a 15 month old).

And I have to tell you, when Tyson was talking to me yesterday I was complaining that I am not the "happy Cami" anymore. He said that I hadn't been that Cami since I got pregnant. He meant when I got pregnant with Josh because I haven't stopped worrying since, but I thought he meant this pregnancy and so I said something to the affect that this baby isn't a good one. I feel bad because poor little kid, it isn't like it is his or her fault, it just happens. Oh well, hopefully my emotions will temper out eventually. It is hard to be glum too long with this bubbly little creature living with me. He is chirping at the birds out his window right now. I think he talks their language.

I am really excited to finally go to the doctor in two weeks and make sure everything is okay. I kept postponing calling them and making an appointment, but I finally got up the nerve and so yes, I am excited.

P.S.- "According to my accumulations" (as Ammon used to say), the baby is officially 11 weeks today. :)


  1. One Sunday about a month ago before church I just completely freaked out for no reason. I was sitting in the parking lot with Josh and just crying and crying. I couldn't stop. No reason. Just emotional.

  2. wohooo!! moody spam is back! I thought I had lost you forever once you were wed! hehe juuust kidding! please don't cry :( hehe. Um, don't worry, I'm like that at times...and i'm not even prego :) yay for Hardy women! love you!

  3. What Cami actually said about the current baby was, and I quote, "This baby is hell!" Funny stuff.