Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Belated Birthdays!

Okay, so I have always been pretty convinced that I have a split personality. Half of my life I am really clean, organized, funny, social, and the other half I am lazy, slobish, clutzy, anit-social, and completely forgetful. Lately I have been the latter, especially the forgetful and slobish part. Well, and the clutzy too, but it has only hightened since I got pregnant. When I was pregnant with Josh, I tripped ALL the time. When I was 7 months along I fell down an entire flight of stairs at work completely embarresing myself and bruising every part of my body. Luckily Josh was pretty padded. That was only once, stuff like that happened the whole 9 months. Now I am back at it again. Like just now, I was talking to Kenni on the phone and I dropped the phone, so in trying to pick the phone up and put it to my ear, I somehow shoved it into my eye. It was hilarious, and I felt pretty dumb.
But alas, I digress, what I wanted to write is that I have been forgetful and haven't wished a great many people happy birthday on my blog, these people especially:

-My Mama


Her birthday was the 21st of February. She is gorgeous and funny and everything wonderful. I wish more and more lately that we lived not so far apart. 3,000 miles makes it hard for me to follow her around the house while she cleans like I used to do. Luckily, I know for sure she is coming out in October, so that makes me happy. One of my favorite things about her is that she is the greatest nuturer I have ever known. She knows just how to comfort, correct, and love. She used to stroke my head whenever I was sad, tired, or sick. I miss that so much sometimes, so I told Tyson about it so he strokes my head now which makes me so happy. Moms are just the greatest, the Lord really made miracles when He made mothers.


Her birthday was the 25th of February. I first met her when I moved to Provo at the age of 6. We hated each other. :) Until our freshman year of high school when we were both in the same English class and got together to help each other with an essay we had to write. We didn't do much homework, but we talked about boys and made fun of people's laughs until we started laughing like them. It was so much fun. Those next four years were some of the best of my life. We met and started hanging out with Heather, and then Kirsten and Marissa and Kip. We had our ups and downs, but it was a lot of fun. I will never forget how forgiving Kristen always was to me. I was not the best friend, but she kept on loving me and taught me to be a better person. I was so excited when she told me she was getting married and then when I met Nate, I was so happy that she found someone so perfect for her.


Katie's birthday was yesterday, she is Tyson's little sister. The first time I heard about her was my first Valentine's Day with Tyson. We were snuggling at my house after our freezing picnic, watching some old movie that neither of us remember (not because we were kissing, we were talking). I was losing my voice for some reason, and so I would ask Tyson a question and he would answer it. So I asked him to tell me about his family. He told me about Katie first. I don't remember much of what he told me except that she was so funny, that she and I were the only people in the world that could make him laugh when he was trying to be serious. That she sang like an angel. I called Katie that March 5 to wish her a happy birthday. I don't know if she had any idea who I was, because I wasn't with Tyson, I was at home with my family in California for spring break, but she laughed and was very nice to me. Ever since then, she laughs at me but it still nice. She sang at our wedding reception, and she does sing like an angel. I hope you had a great birthday Katie!

If there are any I have forgotten, I am so sorry! Have a very merry un-birthday everyone!

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