Friday, March 13, 2009

This Tag is for Carmel

Okay, so my awesome little sister, Carmel made this tag all by herself, something I have never done. So here goes:

What is your favorite color(s)? yellow in the spring, blue and green in the winter

What is your favorite flower(s)? yellow roses and pansies (they have such cute little faces)

What is your favorite sport(s)? miniture golf, is that a sport?

What is your favorite food? chocolate covered strawberries or m&m milkshakes

What is your favorite movie? Pride and Prejudice, the newer one

Who is your favorite birth sister? I don't know, they both spoil me...

Babies or toddlers? toddlers, mostly because I have one, and he is so much more fun than he used to be. But I am excited for the new baby, but I'm afraid I will think he or she is boring compared to Josh

city clothes, kinda city clothes, or naturey clothes? (this is totally my favorite question) I don't know, usually it is just "naturey" clothes because I take that as comfortable clothes, however, I do like to dress up, not super city, but kinda city. ;)

I tag anyone who is willing to take on this awesome tag, especially KJ and Bunk.

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  1. Ha Ha that is so funny. Your sister is so cute.