Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby Names

If it is a girl we are thinking Isilee. We like Claire, Constance and Sarah for a middle name. I mean, I know we don't even know if it is a girl yet, or what it even looks like. But I love the name Isilee Sarah, I'm not sure why, I think because it sounds like a little princess, but a good, sweet, little princess.

If it is a boy...I don't know. Tyson and I are really big 'Boy Meets World' fans, so maybe Cory Matthew, what do you think? Hehe, just kidding, well, kind of. I am really bad with boy names, I can't ever think of any. My brother Yance made me promise not to use Thor, Bron, Gideon and Gidgiddonah (I don't think that is a problem for me) and Kenni and Chris have dibs on Darwin, so just so you know, those are crossed out on our list. :) Any ideas? Don't worry, you have seven months. Haha.


  1. Good luck with the naming game. We are also looking for a little girl's name for the little girl we are adopting, but haven't really started looking too much. Your little girl's name is very original and very princess like. I agree that boy's names are tough. Jason and I went through the baby name book three times before deciding on Hiram for our second son, only to find out while going to the temple, that our son, already had a name. We were to name him Adam. So that's what we did. Good luck!!! I hope you are feeling well!

  2. You could always name a boy Edward Jacob...:) or Matthew Cory...or Jasper Emmett...heehee. For girls...well you see where I'm going. lol

  3. You could do Carlisle Cooper! That would just make me so happy. It's so funny you guys have girl names, but no boy names...That's exact opposite for us. um... Desmond...That'd be cool! Like Lost Desmond, he's pretty awesome, he'd be born with an accent just cause of it too!

    and you need to wake up so I can come play cause Chris is at work...And I'm bored :)