Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What will they say next?

Latest funny moments of our household:

1.  I am vacuuming yesterday and for some reason my kids think that when the vacuum is on, they need to compete with the noise.  Seriously, they run around and yell and scream like crazy monkeys at the zoo being teased with bananas or something.  But hey, I can vaguely remember in my childhood doing the same thing (it has been a long time).  So yesterday I am trying to focus on the loud hum of the vacuum and not the cacouphony of noise coming from my monsters.  There is some part of my brain that is registering Joshua standing on the coffee table and singing some kind of opera.  Don't know how he knows how to sing like that, but it must be born in him because he loves to sing at the top of his lungs, or not to sing at all, like at church.  So anyways, I turn off the vacuum for a moment and Josh is singing "La la la oh oh Fall E-quinox!!"
I start laughing and say "Fall equinox?"
Josh: "Mom, don't laugh at me.  It is a real thing."
Me: "I know it is a real thing, but how do you know about it?"
Josh: "Mom, no, it really is a real thing.  I learned about it at school, it happens twice a year.  Don't laugh at me.  And also do you know what is a fun word?  Cockleshells."
Then he proceeds to sing the nursery rhyme about Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary...
Need I remind you this child is 6.  I still don't really know what an equinox is.  Don't worry, I looked it up though so I can at least kind of understand what my child is learning in Kindergarten.  The word means "equal night" which means the day and night are the same length of time, it happens in March and September.  Fascinating huh?

2. It is around 11:30 last night and Tyson and I are just falling asleep.  Andrew had woken up, been fed, and back in bed, so I knew I had at least 2 hours of nice sleep.  As the hazy world of dreamland fell upon me I started hearing noises, unusual nighttime noises.  Maybe it is a weird protective mom thing, or maybe it is just me, but I have all the regular noises programmed into my head of what should be going on during certain times of the day.  The people in the basement might be making noise, I know the sound of the cupboards and doors below us closing, I know the loud hum of the heater, I know the whistle of the train, sometimes the occasional police siren. 

But the noise I heard was not one of those noises.  It sounded like someone was in the house walking around.  Usually when Josh wakes up at night, he turns on all the lights and makes lots of noise, so I knew it wasn't him.  So I slink out of bed, ready to take on the intruder with my bare hands.  I slowly walk down the hallway (the whole 3 steps) and hear the slam of Caleb turning off the water in the bathroom (he has a hard time turning the faucet off, so he hits it with all his force, it is a distinctive noise).  So I instantly relax and try to see him in the dark, but I can't, so I turn on the light.  Caleb shielding his eyes, is drying his hands.
Me: "Caleb, how on earth do you pee in the dark?"
Caleb: (totally half asleep and without hesitation) "I have eagle eyes."
Then he stumbles back to bed.
I keep laughing as I go back to bed and try to tell Tyson the funny news, but go figure, he is fast asleep.  Lucky for me it was our son, and not an intruder.  So I giggle myself to sleep about our eagle eyed child.


  1. These stories bring me so much joy. Oh man, I love them. And you how tell these stories is half of the amazingness--I can never tell stories well so I especially appreciate this talent of yours! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Gaah, that was supposed to say "HOW you tell" not "you how tell" sheesh! :)

    1. Haha, when I read your first comment, I didn't even notice. You are so sweet to read my blog AND comment! Love you to pieces!

  3. So, I know I read this months ago, but here I am rereading it and the "I have eagle eyes" story still makes me chuckle out loud. Thank you for the giggles today, Cami :)