Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Walk on Water

Yesterday I got a few hours off from Mom-ness and went to a water workout with my mom.  Let me just tell you that was intense, hilarious and fun.  But that isn't what I am writing about. 

My husband is awesome and got the kids all ready for bed and took care of little Andrew as he cried and tried to climb out the front door as I drove off (he is a little attached).  So this story comes from Tyson's point of view:

Apparently all the boys (minus Andrew, who finally fell asleep) were outside playing, some game about light codes and people die if you get the code wrong, that kind of thing.  We still aren't sure how this played into the game, but Tyson overheard Caleb chanting this:

"Don't mess with me, I can walk on water.  Don't mess with me, I can walk on waaaater."

He was doing this walking a crazy saunter walk and I really LOVED Tyson's impression of it.  Seriously, it was awesome.  It makes me wonder, was Caleb pretending to be Jesus, or was he just walking on water?  Whenever we ask him about it, he just giggles and walks away.  And what does that mean: Don't mess with me?  I mean, I guess it is true, if you have the power to walk on water, you really shouldn't be messed with.  But still, where does he come up with these things?

I suppose this will just go down in unsolved mysteries. 

But since then little Matthew walks around the house "walk a wader" and then giggles because he knows he is so cute.  Gotta love these boys.

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