Friday, April 25, 2014

Picture Perfect

Yesterday evening we went to this gorgeous place about a 15 minute drive from our home to get our family pictures taken.  We usually get our family pictures when we get a new kid and that kid is old enough to sit up.  It is a pretty fun tradition.  I don't know what we will do when we stop having kids.  What will get me to get them taken?

The whole picture taking process is fun but frustrating to me.  I am so not good at planning things and them turning out right.  Usually things that happen spontaneously happen great, things that I work forever on and freak out about, usually only turn out okay, probably because I stress about it so much and my expectations are so high. 

For the day or two before I kept wondering, "what should I have us all wear?" and the huge one "what should I do with my hair?"  I have a mad ton of hair that I can never get to look just right.  Grr.  In my Pinterest world, I have mass amounts of things I can try.  But the few I have, my hair is just too darn heavy to get anything to stay.  Thus, my hair didn't work great and just kept getting stuck in the wee babes fingers.

I should have just sent us all in the clothes we normally wear, the ones that are stain covered and ripped holes in the knees.  But oh well, I think we looked good, with blue tones because that is the most prevalent color in the home.  They are all boys.

It was hilarious too, because while we were taking the pictures the children that I thought would be horrible and not look at the camera and throw a fit (Caleb and Andrew) were the REALLY good, cute, happy smiley ones.  Josh was pretty good and his normal silly self.  But Matthew, the ham of all hams, that is everywhere a camera is seriously his whole life.  Nope.  He was horrible.  He kept wandering off, saying no, crying.  Basically no fun at all.  So, if we get any pictures that have all of us in it and smiling, it will be a miracle.

It reminded me of family pictures growing up.  We would go to the studio and the photographer would set us all up just so, "tilt your head a little this way," "step just a little bit forward," "little brother look at other brother,"  "let's change this lighting."  And on and on and then finally one picture would get taken and you would hope beyond hope someone wasn't blinking.  And there were NINE of us!  How on Earth did my parents not lose their minds?

I am so thankful for technology.  Our photographer, Jess, just had us pile together, and then she could take like hundreds of shots in seconds.  And then look at them right there.  How incredible.  I am so thankful for the people that use their talents and learn and search for better ways to make our lives easier.

You should check out Jess's website  I will post some of our pictures here when she edits out the runny noses and makes us look stunning and happy.  :)  She really was awesome and so cute with the kids.  They had zombie races and monster stomps and all kinds of other awesome things to get them to look at the camera.  It takes talent to not loose your cool trying to get my four kids, and not to mention Tyson and I, to cooperate.  She deserves a medal.

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