Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bathroom Humor

So the boys are going through their bedtime routine, which by the way lasts forever because they talk and talk and sing instead of brushing. It is such a bother, but so funny. I happen to walk by the bathroom and Caleb says, "mom, I made up a new song!"
Me: "oh really? Let's hear it."
Caleb: (sung to the woke up at a quarter to one gotta brush my teeth tune) "I really got to pee in the toilet.  Oh no actually on the counter."

Then they burst into a fit of giggles especially when I tell them that is disgusting. I tell Tyson expecting him to be grossed out too.  But he just laughs too and says that is hilarious.

This is my life. I have accepted it and I do find it funny. I am grateful he was just singing and didn't actually act it out. Like for real.

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