Thursday, April 3, 2014

Oh Spring

Oh Spring
When after months of cold
the Earth shudders with feeling
bursting like a toddler
too long kept still.
The flowers shudder the soil aside and
slowly slip out of the ground,
blooms peeping out making
one wonder if they can remember
the vibrancy of the color they held
an entire year before.
The birds chirp chirp chirp the voice
that I know but the name I don't.
The night stays away and
the children linger outdoors
to give in to the parent's call
as they can't imagine being caged
as they were for days and days of winter.
Oh the warm sun and the budding trees,
the way it makes my heart sing
and burst and twirl and dance.
There is energy in Spring.
-Camden Cooper

1 comment:

  1. Cami. I love this. Are you familiar with the poet ee cummings at all? He is my favorite (warning: some of his stuff is off but other pieces I adore!) and this totally reminds me of him. I had forgotten how much I love poetry--this makes me wants to get back into reading and writing it. Lovely lovely. I hope you write more, you poet you!