Thursday, April 3, 2014

They Bought a Girl

We live in a really humid place and it rains quite a bit during certain parts of the year.  So when you have something like a barbeque grill, you need a super thick cover for it or have a covered deck to keep it in or something to keep it from rusting.  I know this because we didn't do that, and now are grill is well, totally unusable.  The grill racks (I have some friends that might die reading this since I don't know the proper terms haha) are totally collapsed in from rust.  It just isn't safe.

So Tyson went to the store with Caleb yesterday during lunch to get a new one.  While he was gone, Logan, Matthew and me were hanging out, playing games and working on our lessons.  Logan kept asking where Tyson and Caleb were and I kept telling him they went to the store and they would be back soon.

Logan: "Cami, where is Tyson and Caleb?"
Me: "They went to the store, they will be back soon."
Logan: "What are they doing?  Are they getting food?"
Me: "No, they are getting a new grill."
Logan: "Ohhh okay."

A few minutes later, I over hear this:
Logan: "Matthew, your dad and Caleb are at the store buying a new girl.  They will be back soon."
Me: "What did you just say Logan?"
Logan: "I was just telling Matthew that Tyson and Caleb went to go buy a girl."
Me: "No Logan, GRILL not girl."
Logan: "Yeah, I know.  A girl."

So we worked on it for a few minutes to make sure he could pronounce grill accurately.  Cuz, I could totally see him talking with his mom or dad and telling them that Tyson goes off and teaches his son how to buy girls.  I didn't think most people would understand.

But since when Tyson was assembling this new (and beautiful) grill, he kept referring to it as a "she" and "her," (he is a little proud of his new purchase, it's kind of adorable), I guess Logan's description wasn't too far off.

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