Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Last year and this year, Trent, Becca, and Trent's parents have been awesome and let the office and families come to their lakehouse for a weekend retreat of relaxation and bonding. Let me tell you, there is no place in the world like this. There are hardly any bugs, it is a gorgeous place, boating, yummy food, it is just perfect. Seriously, I can't wait until Tyson and I are rich (because we will be :) ) and have a lakehouse of our own. Of course, the yacht comes first. :) Tyson is pulling Josh, Ethnie and I around on this very comfy boat. Tyson also took me on the wave runner and almost broke my leg when he accidentally threw me off, but don't worry, I pulled him off with me. :)The view from our room. So much fun.

Action shot. Look at the arm on that stud muffin in the blue shirt. That is Josh in front of me, with the pyscho cowlicks. :)

Dallas and Amber were awesome and had enough energy to run around the boys. This is Dallas helping Caleb walk. Which by the way, he took a few steps by himself two days ago, hooray!

What a ham. I love my boys!
Breakfast of crepes on the deck outside, what could be better?

John made these fabulouso crepes, sorry the shot is so blurry, it is the only one I took.

So thank you soooooo much DeSpain family, that was wonderful and so much fun! My only regret is that I didn't go skinny dipping with Tyson, haha.


  1. Ha, you're my kind of woman! I have taught you well my friend.

  2. Thanks for sparing our eyes. ;) But seriously, we had a great time with you all. I wish we could all do this more often. :)