Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nothing like a Little 4 year old to tell him what's what.

Josh had his little buddy June over today. However much Josh claims he likes a person, he still hates sharing with them. Thus he got quite upset when he had to share his car with June. After he threw a little tantrum, I put him in a chair (the outside time-out chair) to talk to him about his behavior. I told him he needed to stay there a minute to think about what happened. Then June goes marching up to Josh. Josh starts freaking out, I'm not sure why, he must have been still mad at her or worried I would get him in more trouble.

Josh: "June, go 'way! Josh in time out, Mama put Josh in time out! Go way!"
June: "Josh, I know that, just listen to me." She says this completely matter-a-factly. "Jesus and Heavenly Father want you to play with me. Are you going to be nice and share?"
Josh: A little shocked but apparently totally agreed with her argument. "Okay, sorry June."

And away they both ran, best friends again. How cute is she? I just about died laughing and still can't help laughing. She explains things way better than I can; I'm glad she can keep Josh in line. :)

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