Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mom and Dad Cooper Visit

Everytime anyone comes to visit, I never take enough pictures. So this time I think I did ok. :) Tyson's parents came to visit us for about a week and a half and it was a lot of fun. Josh of course had the time of his life and once they were gone, wished they were back. He asks to have for them pretty much everyday. I'm glad both he and Caleb love our families.

So Dad Cooper LOVES peanuts, I can't blame him once I tried them, it is hard to stop eating them. So he taught Josh how to shell them and throw away the shells and Josh got pretty good. They bought Josh a little Toy Story folding chair which Josh would sit next to Grandpa's chair outside and eat peanuts till the bag was gone. (I admit, I helped) :) They also took the boys and me to the zoo in Roanoke. That was a blast. I have never been to a zoo that I loved so much. It was quiet, not huge but not tiny either. It was just the right amount of walking, and it was beautiful and clean. Serious, the best zoo experience ever. This is Caleb's funky face. I had to put it on.
This is a big tiger statue that Josh and Caleb were both terrified of. This is the closest we could get Josh to go. I kept telling him his friend Tommy went up to it, but to no avail. :) I guess it looked too real.

There was even a little playground. This was the boys' favorite slide. Caleb would try to climb up it until he would fall. So funny.

Caleb loves to ride on people's shoulders, especially people who have lots of hair to grip like reigns. He doesn't ride on my shoulders for that reason, but Grandpa was nice and patient.

Josh is staring at the monkeys.

This was my favorite animal, the red panda, just the cutest, sleepiest thing. I want one as a pet, I think, if I had pounds of bamboo to feed it.

This picture just makes me laugh and laugh. It was from the little train ride around the zoo. Josh is fully giving a Tyson face. I just die laughing every time I see it.

Caleb loves his Grandma, when he sits still enough to be with her, the little squirmy creature.

This is how Josh has taken to walking, with his hands on his hips. Hilarious! What a little man.

Mom and Dad look great, but my boys do not cooperate. What's new?

Mom and Dad also got Josh (and Caleb, but mostly Josh) this little car. They actually didn't go to the store and buy it, but that is probably because I refuse to let them buy the boys very many toys, I feel like there is no room to store them and I hate picking them up. So I am the party pooper. I do love this little car though, Josh is entertained forever, he drives around the yard, filling up the "trunk" with all the acorns he can (there are acorns everywhere in our yard. If anyone has a good idea of something useful for them, please let me know). It is so nice to have him play outside forever. He is so nice to and loves to give Caleb rides in it.

Note Caleb's firm grip. :)

It is amazing how different my little boys are. Josh is so afraid of getting dirty, wet, hot. I think it might just be a phase because he didn't used to be that way. But Caleb, man, you cannot get him out of the water (or from being messy either). He LOVES the sprinkler, and he looks like Peter Pan here. :)

We set him under the water too, I don't know how he stood it, it was freezing water.

It was so much fun having Grandma and Grandpa Cooper come! Come again soon, and bring my parents with you! :) I know, I know, we need to come there, now that you are all in the same place. Huzza!

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