Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to (ab)normal Life

Now summer is gone and life has gone back to the usual business. It is funny that now that Tyson works all year, summer is not really the exciting time, it is when everyone comes back from summer and is all here that things get more fun for me. It will be really weird when Josh starts school, luckily that is a few years away, or I would be freaking out. :)

So I was thinking I was going to post just normal pictures, and really they are normal, because my family isn't normal, like take Caleb in Josh's cool new Buzz glasses that his Aunt Bunky got him. He is totally my son, weird in everything he does. Hehe
And Josh, who has to sleep with four pillows
or in a pillowcase with the pillow. :)

And seriously, I grab the cheapest, lonliest looking flowers at Walmart because I wanted to give them a good home, and look how beautiful a little love (and sugar water) made them.
Especially since they are decorated with Josh's very own acorns that he collects and adds to daily. There are probably about 50 on our dining room table right now.

And this is the reflection from the front window, so random, but I thought it was neat. It reminded me of Plato's "Allegory of the Cave."

Now that Bunk is back in school, I get to watch Zuri everyday. I don't actually get to see her much since she is sleeping when she is here, but I guess that is nice too. When she does wake up and we get to hang out with her, Caleb LOVES it, and so does Josh but only for a few minutes. :)

And to top it all off, Uncle Chanson is here for school now too. I think he is rapidly becoming Josh's best friend. Chanson even put shaving cream on Josh's face. He gets him cereal when he comes, draws pictures for him, shows him little cartoons in German, has pillow fights and even takes him for rides around the house in boxes and tubs. How cool is he?

Caleb even held still in his arms, that is saying something.

So, only a week into school and things are going great. Tyson is enjoying his first class for his Master's degree pretty well. The text book reading is a little dull (okay a lot dull) but he is doing great and I was able to read the Hunger Games trilogy in like four days because of it, so huzza. :) That is also how I am able to post all this so I now I need to stop procrastinating and work on my book. I agree with KJ, September pretty much is awesome.


  1. Yay!! Your pictures are so fun. I LOVE the one with Caleb in the buzz shades. He's too funny. It's cute that chains and Josh are bonding, the puddles combine! Thanks for the zur pics they are so funny that duo. I'll actually spend time with you tomorrow after class k? Loves!

  2. Heehee! I love your "abnormal" family. :)

  3. I must have missed something but I didn't know that Tyson was doing a Masters. What is he doing it in? That is so awesome. I love this time of year too. So exciting when school starts again! Looks like life keeps you really busy with the little ones. That is so great!n Miss you!

  4. I just ordered the Hunger Games off Amazon. How did you like them? So...Homecoming weekend. What are you guys doing?

  5. Don't you just LOVE the Hunger Games?? I just finished the third one, and they are SOO great! I think I'll read them all again!! I'm so glad you keep updating this! I love reading about your adorable family!!

  6. Ha ha I love the updates...and it's true September is bomb!!

  7. Oh, so cute! And I loved the Allegory of the Cave pic! And that you thought of the allegory when you saw it. I love you, for many reasons, but that is one of them! Cannot wait to see you!