Thursday, September 30, 2010

Heck NO!

Josh is sadly still wearing pull-ups and since he has psycho bowels, I have to change his lovely poopy-ness at least twice a day, if not more. So during lunch today, Josh tells Tyson and I that he is poopy. I tell him, "Heck no, it is Daddy's turn because I am sick of changing him." He says "No way, Mama change me." (Personally, if a kid can talk like that, shouldn't he just go sit on the toilet? But whatever, it is probably something I haven't taught him.) So Tyson says, "Are you sure I can't change you Josh?" And he replies "Heck NO! Mama change me." Tyson and I bust up laughing and I think, where did he learn that? But if you look back on the conversation, you will see where. Haha

So then a few minutes later, Tyson says "Heck no," to Josh and Josh says, "Daddy, no say a bad word."

Other funny Josh sayings today:
-"Oh Josh just teasin"

-"Do you want to lift me up Mama?"
me: "Um, no"
-"Do you want to TRY?"

So I think it is official, I need to keep a Josh quote book.

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  1. Hahahaha! Every time I read these I can SO see him saying them. I miss seeing you all the time!