Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Anyone who knows me knows that shopping really isn't my thing. Maybe it is the millions of choices or the price tags or the hours I spent shopping with my dad (he literally shops until everyone with him drops, but he keeps going, hehe), but the thought of shopping usually is the same feeling when I need to go to the doctor, sometimes necessary, but usually unpleasant.

Because of this, I really haven't gone shopping for clothes for myself since Tyson and I got married. I have gotten a few shirts every now and then, but because of my wonderful family members buying things for me, I really haven't needed anything. So after months of encouraging from Tyson, I finally decided I could go if I went with Kenni. No one is as fun to shop with as her. She always finds the perfect things for me and she is so funny about everything, without pressuring me into buying anything I really couldn't buy.

So last night we went. We made it a Hardy adventure and Chanson came with us. It was awesome! We laughed pretty much the entire time and we all got lots of fun things. Poor Tyson will probably never let me go again, at least not for several years, after he sees the bank account, but I think it was worth it. I am so happy and I feel like it is the first day of school and I am wearing something new and cute, it is great. I will have to take a picture of Kenni and I in our matching sweaters, they are hilarious. What fun!


  1. Photo blog shoot please. Also, I love the idea of your Dad shopping..

  2. I wanna see!!!! I haven't been on a REAL clothing shopping spree in a long time (and trust me, I could really break the bank;). Maybe the next time you decide to go we can go poor together. Heehee!