Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Look at me!

I have been reading the "Hunger Games" trilogy and am completely wrapped up in them. My poor children only get the bare necessities (food, clothing, naps, changing) from me when I find a good book. It is kind of ridiculous how I am, lucky for them it doesn't happen very often. So yesterday as I am intensly reading on the couch I hear Josh babbling in the background of my mind. But he talks so much now, it just sounds like crickets sometimes. :) Then all the sudden he puts his hands on my cheeks and turns my face to be a mere inch from his own. As his chocolate eyes stare intently into mine, his loud voice says, "Mama, LOOK AT ME! Josh want ICE CREAM!" I laughed so hard, it was so funny! So, I gave him ice cream, there was no way I could tell him no. After that, I decided to set the book down for a little while and enjoy the kids. I'm glad he got my attention. :)

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