Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Money Changes

So this past week Tyson and I have really decided to start making changes with what we do with our money. Luckily, we don't have any debt, but we also don't have much to spend either. Tyson works so hard, but SVU doesn't have a lot of money to give and we love it here and feel that the Lord stills wants us to stay. So we heard about this Dave Ramsey guy a few months ago and we started listening to his stuff and I just finished reading his book "Total Money Makeover." It is really neat and both Tyson and I are way excited about it. We have realized we are going to have to move out of our awesome apartment and try to find something cheaper because it just is too expensive. Dave Ramsey is a Christian and his whole purpose is to help people change themselves by making good spending, saving and investing habits. He really preaches a lot about giving and how much better you feel when you do, but that by having more money, you can give so much more. At first I thought it was just some Get Rich Quick scheme that Tyson always seems attracted to, but it really isn't and I am so excited to work hard to save money so we will have enough money for emergencies and for vacations and for our kids when they need things. I used to think money was evil, but it isn't, it can do a lot of good. I just still want to not look rich if that makes sense. I want to be like the Beverly Hillbillies, hehe. :)

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