Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Weary Woman Going for a Walk

K, so you know the movie 'Pride and Prejudice,' the Mormon version? So you remember the scene with Jane and Lizzie going for a run? Okay, so that was totally me today, and I was Lizzie, covered in sweat. So my visiting teachers are seriously the most adorable girls ever, and completely beautiful. They are sisters-in-law, they married twins and though they don' t look alike, they are both gorgeous. We went on a walk today, we looked like a mommy train. Each of us had our baby in a stroller. It really was a blast. They are so incredibly awesome. But I just had to laugh the whole time to myself because I am so out of shape! Everyone I know goes running and are seriously amazing atheletes, and I am a recluse. My favorite thing in the world is sleeping and eating chocolate (not at the same time of course). So obviously, I am well rounded, literally. Hehe, no, I know I am not fat or anything, but seriously out of shape. Man I was sweating profusely, I thought I was going to collapse in the street. But for all that, it felt soooooo good! What have I been doing inside all the time for? It was so nice to get out. When we split up and they went their way to go home and I went mine, I was so happy. I just loved the slight breeze and all the budding trees and the silence. It was so wonderful. I love this little town and everyone waving at each other, it is just where I always wanted to be. Huzza for beautiful days, wonderful people and lovely walks with my darling baby. Now I shall rest, for I am exhausted!


  1. It's crazy how working out is the best/worst feeling. Go you!!

  2. ah you are living one of my strange dreams. i always want to be one of those moms who is jogging with her baby in a stroller. i think it is so so cute and always looks fun. way to go!