Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bunk is Married!

So just so you all know, my little sister is all grown up and married. This past Saturday, Kennebec, was married and sealed to her love, Christian in the Portland Temple. Seriously, I have never seen something so heart breaking and heart mending in my life. I seriously have been bawling for days before and after because I didn't want her to move out of our apartment, I didn't want her to grow up, but I have never been so happy that she is. I was so worried about her, that she might never get married in the temple, or ever even want to, but she was and it was the neatest experience. Her husband is so adorable! He loves her to pieces and gets along with Tyson great and we have lots of fun times. I am so glad they are living in Virginia too. She looked so incredibly beautiful, mostly just because she was sparkling and so happy. I will post pictures when I get them.

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  1. oh i'm so happy for kennie! yes, please put up some pictures!!