Tuesday, September 3, 2013

House of Tempers and Tantrums

Welcome to my home.  The likelihood of you witnessing either a fight, meltdown or temper tantrum while you are here is probably 100%.  So you should probably stay away.  Most of the first 2 hours of my day, I kind of wished I could.

But Matthew finally fell asleep after waking up before 5am (that is when we first heard him).  And Andrew slept for at least an hour without waking up shrieking (that just ended though).  So I must end this post. 

However, we are finally getting into a sort of routine.  Today is Logan's first day back in our home, so now, without any more holidays and such for awhile, we can start getting things back to normal and hopefully I will start posting once a day. Anyone that has any good ideas for homeschooling preschool tips or ideas or programs that work well, please let me know.  I really want to do fun things with the boys that help them learn.

It is good to have a routine.  :)  I just hope that cuts back on the crankiness.

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