Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Every night we brush the boys' teeth before bed.  It is just part of the daily rituals.  Josh and Caleb are pretty good about completing this task by themselves, but we give Josh the breath test, because you really can never be too sure.  And little Caleb, well, he will wander the house for 15 minutes basically chewing on his toothbrush and never really getting any teeth clean.  So we always check his teeth before he gets the okay.

Matthew on the other hand loves to brush everything but his teeth.  So we have him get his toothbrush, bring it to us and we basically pin him down and brush his little chompers.  Several days ago, Matthew brought his toothbrush to Tyson and it was already pretty wet.  We assumed that either Matthew had been chewing on it and covered it in drool or Caleb or Josh had been nice enough to get it wet for him in the sink.  Either way, we didn't care, so Tyson brushed him teeth and then sent him back to the bathroom to put it away.

That is when a little fight between Caleb (who is in the bathroom supposedly brushing) and Matthew begins.

Caleb: "Matthew, leave me alone!"
Matthew: "Ah!" (it is kind of a sound like that, kind of a little defensive war cry)
Caleb: "Matth-EW!  Put is away and leave me alone!"
"Matthew, it doesn't go there."
"Matthew!  Don't put it in the toilet!!"

Both Tyson and I jumped up and ran to the bathroom, not in enough time though.  And sadly two little boys had already used the toilet and hadn't flushed yet.  That toothbrush quickly went into the trash.

The only thing we wondered about was, how exactly did his toothbrush get wet before the brushing?  And did we brush his teeth with urine?

The disgustingness of little boys never ceases to amaze me.

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