Monday, September 9, 2013

How They Grow...

It is probably because my little Matthew turned 2 yesterday, but I keep thinking my little kids are growing up so fast.  Matthew is so big and he is finally starting to say more than "Momma, Dadda, Bebe" and of course, "crackers."  He has such an attitude sometimes, but he is so adorable he gets away with it almost 100% of the time.  It really isn't good.

We had his party yesterday and thanks to both my mom and Tyson's mom, we had these adorable cupcakes.  During the party, Josh was building a tower and Matthew ran up and knocked it over.  Josh got mad and screamed at Matthew, then started bawling.  Really nothing new, but he told me his tooth hurt.

me: "Well, were you clenching your teeth when you got mad at Matthew?"
Josh: "yeah..."
me: "Well, that hurts your teeth, so learn to not freak out so bad."
Josh: "But now my tooth is loose!" (giant wail)
me: "oh my word..."

After rolling my eyes, I check his tooth expecting him to be totally exaggerating and yup it was loose.  I had to turn around and do breathing excercises to keep from crying.  I know, totally ridiculous.  But my kid is going to loose his first tooth!!  I was just getting used to him being in Kindergarten.  How dare he decide to grow up even more?  :)

He hasn't lost the tooth yet, but I'm sure Tys or I will take the pliers to it soon since any time he takes a bite of food he starts complaining that it hurts and I just don't think we can take it much longer.  I mean cereal, how can that possibly hurt when it is your front tooth?  But, I don't really remember being 5 and how a loose tooth feels, so I will withhold judging the kid too much.

As for my other children, they are growing too.  Caleb is learning to tell time, it is adorable.

me: "Caleb, what time is it?"
Caleb: "Um, the little hand is at the 10 and the big hand is between the 4 and the 5."
me: "perfect, thanks Caleb."

Yeah, I'm not great with explaining what that means, I just need to know the time when I am stuck on the couch feeding the baby.  It kind of slips my mind to help my kids understand beyond the obvious.  :)

And get this: baby Andrew only woke up once last night and only twice the night before that.  Huzza, huzza.  Plus, today he hasn't been too cranky during the day.  I am feeling pretty much human, it is great.  And we went to the park today with no melt downs.  It is a good day.

Caleb is SO sweet with Andrew.  He can always get him to stop crying.
Thank you so much to everyone for being so nice and sympathetic with the many rough days so far.  I don't know for everyone else, but I heard lots of people say that once you get past 3 kids, it isn't a big deal.  Well, that isn't true for me.  I think 4 is way harder, just in different ways.  But it is still in the first 90 days, so things may change later.  :)  (Tyson says Andrew has a 90 day probation period)

It has been so nice now that Andrew doesn't cry as much.  I notice that he really has a cute face that I am just in love with.  I can't stop kissing and snuggling him.  I guess I am a pretty lucky woman. 

Tys and his dad working on the treehouse

I made a cake for Carmel's 16th birthday.  Just so you know I had to work REALLY hard to get it to tilt like that so she would look like a volleyball Barbie, okay?  Don't judge my skills.  :)

Love how mad Andrew is and Matthew is just focused on the camera.

Our teddy bear party today at the park.

I don't have any pictures of Josh and his loose tooth, but never fear, I will get that documented.

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  1. So cute! I can't believe Josh is losing a tooth. Growing up way too fast.

    What's up with the treehouse? I haven't seen any pictures of that! Since Tyson's dad is in the picture I'm assuming it's been in the works for a little bit. Do share! :-)