Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Four Boys

 It really is insane how quickly my little people grow.  Andrew is now 7 1/2 weeks old.  He kind of smiles now, but most of his smiles are for Daddy.  He is sleeping much better and WAY happier.  I cut out milk and pretty much all chocolate from my diet and we try to keep to a pretty consistent schedule and that has helped him a lot.  He has a cold right now, which totally stinks, but he is handling it pretty well, minus the puking a lot, but at least he breaths okay.  He is so precious and since he is happier, Tys and him hang out more, which is really cute.  The older boys all still love him and get super cute when they try to help him.  Love it.  He wants to be held all the time which I really don't mind, I just don't get to very often.  Little moments where I can, I just soak it up.

 Sadly, since Josh has been at school, I never take pictures of him.  I will have to change that.  But I did take a picture of one of his school papers.  "I like the Bune in my picture."  Yes, it is a bunny and he spelled it how it sounds.  Completely adorable.  He is usually pretty happy when he hops off the bus (he loves his bus driver, Tracy, she seriously is amazing).  We eat a snack and he tells us about his day and shows us his work, it is so much fun.  There are meltdown moments, but not nearly as many as I thought we would have.  I love hearing about all his buddies and the snacks he has and what he did.  It is bizarre to think most of his time awake, he isn't home with me.  Tys and I still have mixed emotions about it, but I know he is way happier at school then he would be here at this time in his life and he is learning much better too.  He is so much better learning with others.  I do love it once he gets home.  It doesn't seem right until the whole family is together.

 Then there is my crazy Caleb.  He has really stepped up since Josh went to school.  He helps me SOO much and rarely has whiny days (but when he does, he makes up for lost time, lol).  He loves baby Andrew and is so quick to help him be happy.  He loves to laugh and be silly.  This is him being a walrus (apple pieces) in case you were wondering.  Seriously, the kid is so much like how I remember being as a kid, so silly.  He loves to run around outside chasing squirrels with his buddy, Logan.  The other day they were raptors pretending to go to school.  Hilarious.  They had backpacks and created an imaginary bus and everything.  I love this age.  And I love this little guy.

And my ham.  Oh Matthew.  He still loves to push EVERYONE'S buttons.  He is so full of life and energy.  The kid never stops moving, even in his sleep.  He has such a different build than his brothers too.  He is stocky and tough looking, like a mini football player.  Tys and I were talking about this today and then a few hours later, I found him outside throwing a football around.  So it really wouldn't surprise me if loves sports.  His vocabulary is growing...slowly, but it is growing.  He mostly still just says "uh huh" all day long, but there are other words too like "gur-gurl" for squirrel and...okay, mostly the same words like "Josh" and "ruff ruff" for shoes and "ka-ker" for basically any type of food or drink, and when he wants something he goes "MaMA! Mon!" and drags me wherever he wants to go and points.  He does have conversations with us, we just have no clue what he is saying.  I'm sure he will get there.  But why speak when you can get whatever you want without using the energy?  Haha, that is totally my fault.

But yeah, I love my little munchkins.  We have our moments where I want to tear my hair out but the little moments where they kiss me with their snotty grubby faces, well, it totally makes up for it.  :)

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  1. Sorry I'm commenting on everything--and super belated. I don't know why I am just now seeing all these posts! But anyway, love love that picture of Matthew. Your boys are so darn handsome!