Monday, July 2, 2012

What we have been up to...

Potty training Caleb.  Couldn't resist this shot.  haha.

Babysitting.  It is so good for the boys to have other kids over.  Little girls to teach them manners, little boys to keep them loving pirates and jumping.  :)

Birthday celebrating.  (Carmel makes a wicked awesome carrot cake)

Carmel looking my height.

How tall she really is.

I love this guy.  And why can't I make another face?  I don't know.  The camera comes on and this is just what I do.

Girls.  Miss you Bunky.

Love you Mama.

Birthday cereal picnic.  Love Tyson.

Matthew is too mobile = needs to caged everywhere

Fun times.

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  1. Nice picture. Pretty sure I just busted up laughing...and am still chuckling! :) Happy birthday to you and your hubs!