Friday, July 6, 2012

Uplifting Love

It is insane that more than half of marriages end in divorce.  HALF!  Talk about crazy odds.  That used to scare me really bad for my marriage.  How is that even possible?  People are SO in love, they commit to at least a life time of love and caring.  What happens?  Some people it is within the first year that they get divorced, how do you change your mind that quickly?  And what about the people that are married for years, raise kids, and then get divorced.  They have been married for longer than they were alive before they got married.  How can you even live without a person that you were connected to that long?

Satan.  He doesn't want people to be happy.  He doesn't want anyone to succeed.  So he tears apart the most important unit in this world.  The family.  He will wedge any thing he can between a couple: jealousy, anger, pride, stress, low self-esteem, addiction, anything he can to wreck that relationship.

Next to my knowledge of Heavenly Father and His love for me, my relationship with Tyson is the best thing in my life.  I can't imagine my life without him.  I love doing things that make him proud of me or that make him happy.  But there have already been a million moments in just the six years we have been married that I feel Satan trying to work his way between us.  It is amazing how quickly things could turn sour between us.  I can misread something Tyson says and then all the sudden I think he hates me and must be in love with someone else.  I have a million insecurities that suddenly flare up for no reason at all.  I finally tell Tyson why I am upset and he looks at me like I am crazy.  Of course he loves me and why would I ever think he didn't.  That is one of the tricky ways Satan works.  That is why we have to constantly be working on improving our marriages and striving constantly to be closer to the Lord so He can protect us from Satan's attacks.

Tyson started a website a bit ago to give ideas and suggestions on how to strengthen marriages.  Some of the posts are funny, others are thoughtful, they are all great.  If you get a chance, totally look at it, read a few posts, add some of your own suggestions and sign up for the newsletter.  He really wants to help bless other people's marriages, whether they are already strong or struggling a little.  We can always become better and who doesn't want to have a happier home life?

So let's decrease that statistic shall we?  Let's love our spouses more, make our homes even more of a heavenly place to be.

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