Monday, July 2, 2012

Stormy Weather

So in case anyone has missed the weather reports lately, it has been a little crazy in these parts.  It gets super warm and then at night storms come.  So Friday evening, it was warm, the fireflies were out, we were outside talking to my dad.  He leaves, we go inside, not even 45 seconds later, the wind goes crazy strong, the lights go out and our car alarm goes off.  Yes, the mighty oak had fallen.  And lots of other stuff too.

Looks pretty bad huh?

People kept telling us how they felt bad for us.  Yeah, I would rather have the tree still standing.  But the tree fell away from house, no one was hurt, and we have our power back already.  I feel so horrible for all the people that don't.  And get this.  See this picture below...

We were able to back the car right out (okay, Tyson did, I kissed him goodbye, thought for sure he would start to move the car and the whole thing would crush him).  Only a few scratches from the nails and boards.  Insane right?

This storm was so random, but so amazing.  It was terrifying and humbling all at the same time.  The Lord has so much power, He can do whatever He wants, no matter how strong something may be, He is far stronger.  We have no idea how this even happened, wind, branch?  No clue.  Just pulled the roof right up.

The Lord is great.  His power is far beyond what we can imagine.  I am SO thankful we have been so protected and blessed.  I don't know why the Lord allows or causes storms like this, but I know it wasn't coincidence.  We can learn so much from everything (blessings and trials) that He gives us.  Everyone has been so kind to us.  The whole area here just seems to be bonding together to help each other.  It has been such a beautiful thing.

Lord, how great Thou art.


  1. Oh MY! That is an enormous tree, I'm so glad it didn't fall on anyone. We luckily don't have any downed trees and our power was only out for a few hours. But a lot of people STILL don't have power!

  2. I remember being a little girl and a Microburst sweeping through our town during the middle of the night. Everywhere in town looked like what your pictures show. It was pretty crazy. We were very fortunate. To this day though I never do well during thunderstorms. Then again, I remember my mother screaming "There's a tree in our living room!" at 4 AM, and then having to evacuate the house. Power lines were down everywhere. It was crazy. So glad you're alright!

  3. Wow! I'm SO happy the tree fell away from your house! And what a miracle that it didn't crush your car! I was on the trek when the storm blew through and it literally split and went around our camp (you could see it on the radar). It was like the Lord put a force field/bubble right over us to protect us. He truly is great and powerful...and loving and full of mercy.