Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy 6 Years to the Happiest Couple!

Okay, yes, that happy couple is Tyson and I. 
I used to watch chick flicks and dream of having a love like that someday.  I would freak out at all the cute kisses and just want to be kissed like that SO bad.  The way those characters would look at each other, AH, you know?
Well, now I watch those movies and yeah, it is cute, but I just think the whole time, my life is way cuter.  Tyson and I are best friends, we got along extremely well from the very beginning.  I didn't have a problem talking to him, being around him, and man was the chemistry almost too strong.  I decided one day I just had to have him.  He dreamed of doing so many cool things, and even though some of them seemed impossible to me, I wanted to be the one he did them all with.
So here we are.
Tyson is hilarious, so sarcastic that I still have to watch him closely to see if he is kidding or not.  He is extremely loyal and totally in love with me.  I know, that may sound a little cocky, but I really didn't think it was possible for someone to love me forever, but he has convinced me.  He does and he will. 
He makes me laugh.  Oh man, does he ever.  At church or other places where you are suppose to be quiet is usually when he leans over and says something that just gets me giggling.  When we got engaged, I asked him if he would make me laugh everyday (like the movie Legacy), and he said in true Tyson form, "I will do better than that, I will make you laugh at least 3 times a day."  So far, he has kept his promise.
Tyson is so handsome.  We have both changed a lot since we have gotten married, but I find him more and more attractive every day.  Sometimes I can't keep my eyes off the guy.  I get jealous of all the people he works with because they get to look at him all day and I don't.
We work so well together.  When we were getting my family's yard ready for our wedding reception, we were put in charge of cleaning out the fish pond.  It was pretty gross and it was hot.  But we had a great time, laughing and teasing each other, and we both worked hard.  It is still like that.  Even though we have our three little guys, we try to either get them to help us, or find someway to keep them entertained so we can still work out in the yard together.  I don't like looking out the window and seeing Tyson working really hard alone.  I like to be out there with him.  And he is pretty good about helping me with the "women's work" inside too.  :)  When he does clean the kitchen or bathrooms, he does a much better job than me.  Seriously, he is amazing.  And we parent together, for the most part, sometimes I am a little bossy, but he puts up with me pretty well.  Man, do those little boys adore him.
I know, this is like an epistle for Tyson.  I know no one will really care but us.  But that is the fun of it right?  Just going off forever about the person you love most.  I can't believe that basically a fourth of my life I have spent it with Tyson. 
I am one lucky girl.
I love you Hunny Bunches!  :)


  1. Be careful about sharing how wonderful and happy you two are and how you've got it all figured out. Heavenly Father might decide to send some "blessings" your way to strengthen the marriage even further!

    I'm excited you two are so happy together! You were always a very cute couple as newly weds. (That's the last time I actually saw you guys in person.)

  2. Love this post! I feel the same way about Bill so it's definitely fun to read your "epistle to Tyson". Happy (late) Anniversary!