Thursday, July 26, 2012


Anniversary roses, they were still thriving almost 2 weeks later, SO pretty!

 Sleeping boys
 Our first cherry tomato!!  So yummy!
 Matthew hates to eat in his high chair, so this is where he often eats, in the kitchen. So precious.

 I have been trying to be more creative with snacks, and the boys love it, eat the whole thing, and plus, it is healthy (pretty much)
 Tys and Dallin took down the carport, and I totally missed filming it!  So sad, but here is where the boys love to play now, the roof of the carport.  Oh dear, but I don't blame them, it is pretty fun.
 Cassie turned 21!
 Carmel's tower.  You wouldn't believe how intense the building of this was.  :)  She is awesome.
 Mouse snack + the pirate face = priceless  :)


  1. Wow! You're really creative with your snacks. Wish someone would make me an apple snack that looks like a mouse...

  2. Haha, Em, you are awesome. I know it, I would love fun snacks. Especially if a replicator made it. :)

  3. that stupid building kept falling down!!!!! >:|