Friday, October 31, 2008


So Happy Halloween to you all! All morning I was playing dress up and absolutely loving it. It reminded me of the time Kristen, Heath and me all dressed up in the weirdest outfits, just laying dress up clothes on, and driving around town and then crashing Stephen's party. Good ol' times. I don't think I will ever grow up. But anyways, what I really wanted to say is Happy Birthday to my little brother, Chanson. Happy Birthday Buddy! Thanks for letting us call Josh "puggles," I knwo that is what we called you. :) I can't believe you are 17, all to soon you will be leaving home and going on a mission and living your own life, probably somewhere in Europe. Hehe, especially since you speak German, or Russian, or Latin, or maybe all three. :) Chanson, you have always amazed me. You are not afraid of anything it seems and you have always been so smart and good. Thanks for always being my friend. I still feel so bad for all the years I was just a mean big sister and beat you up all the time. I hope you always know that I love you and I think about you all the time. I'm so glad little Joshua loves you and your hair. :) I love you tons and tons! I hope you have a great day and remember a little family out in Virginia loves you very much...well, two little families including Bunk and Chris...and if you include your little slew of women out here that adore you as well, the list could get pretty big. Hehe. I love you!

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