Monday, October 20, 2008

Friday 3/17/00 (14 years old)

"Dearest Journal,
Today makes up for every bad day I have had or will have during the rest of my life. Stan is the most darling, sweetest boy ever! School was awful and I shan't talk of awful things, so, I shall continue on to this evening. I went to Jenny & Lizzie's birthday party. You know that I seem to be at a different party every weekend. Well, that is true. Why is this one so different, Stan was there. When someone says his name I tickle from head to toe, I feel lucious grandness at the sight of his face. I can't seem to get him out of my mind. Well, I guess I should tell you why. For awhile now I have thought him cute, a gentleman, and very nice. But tonight I found out more. Unfortunatly for me, I had told Kristen's that I thought he was nice. I haven't been left alone about him since, well it got worse at the party. He walked in and said 'hi' to me. That was normal but Kristen's made fun of me. Nudging me or raising their eyebrows. I love my friends dearly, but I don't think they quite understand. I wanted just to admire him from a distance but, they wanted me to talk to him. Well, okay that's fine except for the fact that I would have no idea what to say! Besides, I think he thought me very strange anyway....(there is a lot of information on the little hi and glances from Stan, but I will just skip to the end since Tyson is waiting for me) Then we had to leave, I was thinking of the sad depression. I had to leave him, but I got to ride home with him. I was squished right next to him, which he was very polite about. I do believe he looked at me when he left. Maybe I am just crazy and making this whole thing up. But I do believe it happened. I really hope so. How I love his shining face! How deliciously grand!
Love, Cami"

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