Monday, October 20, 2008

September 13, 1997 (12 years old)

"Today was kind of weird. I got up and me and all the kids had to weed. I weed for what seemed like forever! It was kind of fun though. I did some of my homework, I did it up in K.J.'s treefort. Me and Kenni climbed down after awhile and ate some cerel. Then we did some more homework in our car, the big red sub. Then my mom went to the grocery store and some other places with Yance and K.J., me and Kenni had to babysit Chanson, Ammon and Carmel. We went on a walk and Chanson got trampled by Missy, our neighbors dog. When my mom came home we watched this really scary movie called Mars Attacks! Every body died but a boy called Rickie, his grandma, a boxers wife and two kids and the boxer, the presidents daghter and a girl named Hannah or something like that. It was really freaky! I had a few nightmars about it! Well, Gotta-Go!
Love, Cami"

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