Thursday, May 9, 2013

So, I am a little behind, I know...

Okay, so Easter (haha, I know a month late)?  It was great, as you can see:

 I love that Tyson's office puts this hunt on every year.  The kids LOVE it and they love that all their buddies get to be there too because let's face it, almost all their friends are kids of people Tyson works with.  The boys had a great time!  So glad my mom was there, then there was one adult (or a-dolt as Josh and Caleb say) for every kid.

 Then we had an egg hunt at home too.  The Easter Bunny was awesome and hopped by to hid some eggs.  What a great bunny, and if you look closely you will see just how well and color coordinated the bunny hid some eggs.  :)
 Matthew loved this new adventure of finding eggs that were full of sugar.  He still gets a little frustrated that all the eggs he finds now are empty.
 The boys and their Easter bunnies.  ;)
 Their Easter baskets (thanks to Grandma Cooper).  Josh wrote out a list the night before of everything he expected the bunny to include in his basket.  Tyson and I thought it was the most precious thing:  "Dear Bunny, Peeps, Hershey, Jelly Beans, Snickers, Love, Joshua"  The Bunny tried to live up to his expectations.  He has the best hiding spots too.  Caleb's was in the fireplace, Matthew's was behind the curtain, and Josh's ("that sneaky rabbit!") was behind his dresser.  It is way too much fun having kids during holidays.
 I also love the fun things Tyson does with the kids.  Like one day, Matthew walks out from the bedrooms, shirtless, with the words "I heart Momma" written on his belly.  It made my day and for days made me laugh every time I saw it since it didn't clean off easy (not that I tried real hard).
 The older boys had a sleepover with Aunt Carmel.  They both fell asleep reading.  So precious!
 Cracker houses that Josh built.  :)
 Tyson took me on a day trip to Appomattox Court House.  We took a few kids from the school for Travel Study and we got to have a great date (thank you Mom, Carmel, Cassie and Dallin!)  I am so glad we got to get away and what a PERFECT day!  The weather was amazing, I so love Virginia in the Spring.  Plus it is okay learning a few things too, but not too much history, but still really neat.
 The local jail.  :)

 Another great thing about the spring is that Tys brings me wildflowers all the time.  They are so pretty and make me so happy.  Plus, the boys have learned from him, so I have had plenty of dandelions, clover buds, buttercups and these little cuties, not to mention amazing smelling lilacs.  Seriously, I love this place and I LOVE my boys (Tys included, although he is a "man" whenever I say this to him)!
 It is a little blurry but Matthew LOVES talking on the phone.  He jabbers in his little language and walks around the house and won't give me back my phone.  It is really cute and sometimes annoying, but I think Grandma likes it.  :)
So other than that, not much is going on here.  I am not babysitting or doing preschool this month so sometimes I feel a little bored, but it is really good for my body to get a break.  Baby is due in roughly 13 weeks, so any time to relax is a good thing, right?

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