Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Imaginary Brains?

Tys mentioned how he thought it was funny that none of our kids really didn't have imaginary friends. I agreed, then I started thinking about it and realized Josh had the "mustache guys" that made him do all kinds of bad things and now he has his five brains (yes five): Diesel, Moola, Foola, Sneaky, and one other that I can't remember. Oh and Stormy is moving in when Josh turns 6 so that way he can have 6 brains. And Sneaky is the king of his brains. So he is either normal because he has kind of imaginary friends or he has multiple personality disorder. 
Caleb hasn't mentioned any imaginary people, but I think Josh has enough to fill our house.  His brains apparently live all over his body and travel around in cars through his veins.  Pretty interesting and very creative.  Maybe it just means he is really smart.  :) 

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