Thursday, May 9, 2013

Like Father, Like Son

There are some days where I really wonder about how to raise my children, especially since they all act like their dad some days (especially the oldest).  That almost rarely is a bad thing, but well, if you know my husband, you might understand why raising someone like him would be difficult.  He can be a tad opinionated and has a wee bit of a temper, not to mention the sarcasm and smart alec-ness.  :)  I find that really endearing in a husband (most of the time and his temper isn't that bad, I guess it was when he was a kid, but he is pretty composed now), but in a child that I have to correct and help, it can be difficult and a little...shall we say, trying?
So my oldest, Josh, and I, often have a few minor disputes during the day.  But they are minor and he is also a lot like his dad in that he is REALLY sweet and thoughtful and for some unknown reason loves me more than anything else.  So I get pretty spoiled.  Like the other day, I reprimanded Josh for something (he hates to be told he is wrong, just like his dad), and so he stormed off and ran outside.  I felt horrible, but still a little fiery, until he came back in a few minutes later with a handful of buttercups and dandelions. 
"I'm sorry Mama."
Who can be mad about that?
So although it is no easy task raising a Tyson replica, there really is no other woman that is as lucky as me.  What cute little guys I have and although I am surrounded by boys and testosterone and teasing, I really am quite spoiled.
Just like the day Tys left work for a few minutes one morning to bring me these:
 or wrote on Matthew's belly with marker to make me feel loved...
 or made me feel special with this (okay, okay, I put the petals there, but he was the one that made me feel special enough to put the petals there.  Which by the way, the boys insisted on helping and didn't understand why we didn't keep the flowers there forever.  You got to love having kids).
So I guess it is easy to say, I am the queen of my home.  I get harassed and teased, but I am also pretty adored.  I don't think it is so bad being the only girl.

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