Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pregnancy Brain

The other day I took the three boys to the library.  I always let them pick two books each to check out.  They love that and usually carry their own books to the counter, but on this particular day, I carried all 8 of them (including my 2), plus carried Matthew since he was trying to pull every book off the shelf.  I set/drop all the books on the counter and adjust Matthew on my slightly non-existent hip.  The really sweet librarian starts scanning the books and talking little-kid talk to the boys asking them about their books.  I am just constantly counting 1-2-3, making sure all three boys are there and not touching anything they aren't supposed to and keeping Matthew from grabbing at the scanner and tearing down all the piles of free bookmarks they have.

Suddenly the librarian looks at me and asks, "when are you due?"

The librarian next to her glances up at me really quickly and then kind of glares at her co-worker with huge eyes.

My first reaction was to be really offended.  I mean I know I have a lot of kids and working off the baby weight has been hard, but seriously, you don't just ask that question when you don't know the person.

Kind of embarrassed I glance down at my stomach and realize it is huge!  Then I remembered I am 7 months pregnant and really look it.  Trying to quickly recover I say,
"early August."

The librarian just smiles sweetly while the lady next to her finally took a breath and looked so relieved.  I guess it is really bad when your pregnancy brain makes you forget you are pregnant, huh?

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