Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I feel so accomplished

I am just dying to tell Tyson all about what I have done this evening, because he is who I tell everything to. But alas, he is at bishopric meeting and unable to take my call if I was to call him. I think the main reason I was able to get anything done is because he is not here and the kids are asleep. :) So let me just tell you about what I did this evening:

-first I went to our neighbor, Becca's house because Josh was dying to go there. He put on his hat, coat and boots, brought me my shoes and walked outside saying "Mama, go." So after being social (a big accomplishment for me) and eating Becca's yummy sweets and pizza, we came back home.

-I got the boys ready for bed all on my own and put them in the same room. This is Caleb's first night in the crib and surprisingly is going well. I don't know about later, but for now, it is not just good, but amazing. I have been worrying about putting him in there for weeks.

-I cleaned the bathroom.

-I balanced the checking account, something I have never in my life done before but have always needed and wanted to.

-Found the vacuum manual.

-Read the whole thing (not the french half).

-Found out why the vacuum was broken.

-Felt dumb because it actually wasn't broken, it had just shut off so it didn't get overheated. I went and turned on the contraption and sure enough, it runs.

-Now I am relaxing and hoping my husband comes home soon, if not, I might be sleeping.

-Realized that I woke up Josh in the vacuum-turning on process and listening to him babble about the baby guy and snowmen.

Minus the last bullet, I think I did pretty good this evening. I hope Tyson isn't gone this much anymore, but it was sure nice to get so much done. I think I am still like a little kid that wants to show their mom what they did. "Mommy look, I made my bed aren't you proud of me?" Ah, well, someday maybe I will grow up. :)


  1. Yay for Cami! It's always good to feel accomplished :-)
    Right now I'm debating if I want to feel that way, too...or if I just want to go to sleep. It's a toss up. There's plenty to do, but sleep sounds so good...

  2. Way to go Cami!!! You really did get a LOT done in one evening! You need to keep vacuuming while little Caleb is asleep so he will sleep through anything!! Amy used to do that with Nick and Emma!! I thought it was so funny! I hope Tyson got home before you fell asleep! I still can't believe you are the mother of 2!! I'm so impressed with all you do! I love reading about your little guys and all the adventures you have together!!

  3. Cami, I love you.... and I love that Josh calls Caleb "baby guy". How cute! I miss you guys! It's your turn to come visit us. :)