Thursday, January 14, 2010

Midnight Poetry

I have been reading "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio" which is full of little jingles and poems. So little rhymes have been popping into my head lately. Last night, Caleb kept waking up for some reason, not because he was hungry, apparently he just wanted to say hello. So, I wrote this at 4am. Evelyn Ryan (the lady in the book) is much better at poetry than me, but I hope you enjoy.

"My Darling, Dearest Caleb friend,
This waking up at night must end.

These cooing sounds sure are sweet,
But honestly kid, I am beat.

Close those little eyes my dear,
And rest well knowing that I am near.

Don't even try to fight,
I will turn off this light.

I need to get more rest,
So stop being a cute pest.

We are only a room apart.
Goodnight, AGAIN, little sweetheart."


  1. awww that is stinkin cute! You've always kicked butt at poetry, good job spam. Baby girl woke up last night cause she just wanted to snuggle..and she passed out cold in about a minute once she was in bed with us. so...i guess that is nothing like what caleb was doing to you. uh, sorry:)

  2. There must have been something in the air these last few nights...BOTH Ethnie and Leo have been waking up and going back to sleep only when being held or being snuggled. I need my sleep, too!