Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Actual Conversation

So Josh has been talking a lot more since Tommy started coming to play everyday. And now Tommy is finally not just talking in front of me (a big step, he refused to speak in my presence for days, I think I scared him) but he talks to me too. What I love though is when Josh and Tommy talk to each other. This is my favorite conversation thus far.

(They are both hovering over Caleb)

Tommy: "Hi Caleb! So cute, Caleb, so cute."

Josh: "Hi Baby Guy, Haha, oh Baby Guy."

Tommy: "No, Josh, its Caleb."

Josh: "No, its Baby Guy."

Tommy: "No, its Caleb."

By this point I am laughing and they both look at me rather confused and wondering why I burst out in laughter at random moments of the day. If only they knew how funny they are.


  1. Classic! Ha ha that is so funny! Oh, and would you control your husband please?! He was being smart with me on my blog.... Doesn't he know that I have a husband now who can beat him up? Teehee:)

  2. hahahahahahaha!!!! Can you hear me laughing over there? Because that was so funny! Heehee!

  3. I love kid conversations! My kids get mad at me now if they hear me laughing at them (which I do) so I have to be more discreet.