Sunday, January 10, 2010

3 Months

Oh Caleb, how do you keep growing up so fast. It goes by like a blink. Caleb turned 3 months old today and he is so cute. He still doesn't sleep through the night, although he should be, but he does sleep a lot and he is so happy. He hardly ever cries and loves to smile and laugh. It is so precious. How did we get so lucky to have such cute little boys? Although sometimes it is frustrating to be in a house with so many boys and no other girls, I think I like it that way. I am the queen. :) Little Caleb sure makes me happy. He coos and blows raspberries for hours. He LOVES his Daddy. He gets the biggest smiles for him and he will not eat if he can hear Tyson talking, which drives me crazy. His eyes are still a beautiful starlike blue, almost silver around the pupil. He is losing his hair though, the back of his head is totally bald, poor kid. :) But yeah, he is adorable, but I am pretty partial. I love having kids. Josh still loves Caleb, refuses to say Caleb, still calling him "baby." The Lord has blessed us so much. Caleb, I love you. Happy 3 Month Day!


  1. So glad you're enjoying Baby Heaven with your second!

  2. Oh so fun. He is so sweet sleeping.

  3. It's funny in our family WIlliam randomly started calling Blaine the king and I'm the queen. Both him and Ezra-to-be are princes. So yeah I understand about the whole being outnumbered thing but William has it straight that I'm the queen. WHen I see pics. of your little one and others who have had babies recentlt it makes me really excited to hold mine soon. Glad you're doing well!