Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Kirsten Sue!

Kirsten has always been kind to me and so much fun! I just love her to pieces. I wish I could be more like her. My favorite memory of her:
Once at a sleepover at Heath's house, I had a really bad headache. Instead of going and hanging out with everyone else, Kirsten gave me "therapy." She wrapped nickels in wet toilet paper, put them on my eyes; put deoderant on my hands, gave me a teddy bear to hold and told me a story about how all these things would help me feel better. It was pretty much hilarious especially since we barely knew each other, but I have never forgotten her ability to make me laugh and how kind she always was to go out of her way to make me smile.
Happy Birthday Kirsten!

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  1. Ha Ha I am laughing so hard right now. Why did I do such a weird thing? Luckily you understood. Maybe I will try that next time I get stressed out. What is a better remedy than Deodorant on the hands? thanks so much for the post. I love you!