Sunday, July 13, 2008

Looking Back

Thanks Bunky, it was so much fun to read your tag. So I wanted Tyson to do it with me but he is really sleepy. So I told him I would massage him if he would answer my questions and he has been trying to stay awake but he feels like I have been interegating him, which I kind of have been. Hehe. Enjoy.

What Tyson and Cami were doing...

20 years ago-

Tyson- 4 years old
*lived in Plymouth, MA
*probably playing with my little friend Jacklyn
*had little bunny named Blackberry

Cami- 3 years old
*barely stopped being the baby in the family because of Bunky, I don't think I took it that hard though, but I don't think I understood she was a real creature though
*followed my big brothers all around the Payson, UT farms and barren wasteland, getting into all kinds of mischief
*got grounded for putting sugar on my cereal
*took a ride on my cousin Matt's motorcycle
*had a pet duck named Spot, and a siamese cat named Purr

10 Years Ago

Tyson- 14 years old
*working on Sister Godfrey's garden maze
*crush on Stephanie (not my mom, different Stephanie)
*always good in school, probably had straight A's (of course)

Cami- 13 years old
*tested wearing blush for the first time ever, and sometimes wore lip gloss, thanks to Abby
*right before I started hanging out with Kristen and Heather, so really I had no friends
*had a crush (still) on Matt Brewster and once wandered the streets pretending to be Maryanne Dashwood from 'Sense and Sensibility' in the rain and looking for my Williby (sorry for the
spelling, I'm not too good with that)
*Fighting with Kenni every morning with the bathroom rights
*Just started to become a "woman," blah

5 Years Ago

Tyson-19 years old
*About to leave for mission in a month
*Very sad about leaving Angela
*finally done roofing, he thought, little did he know...

Cami- 18 years old
*Just moved with my family to California, just finished my first year of college
*About broke my heart as I watched Mike drive away for the last time (little did I know I really would never see him again)
*Wanted so much to be a great missionary
*Obsessed with "The Work and The Glory" books
*Bunky and I were pretty good friends, which surprised me since we were so different

3 Years Ago

Tyson-21 years old
*just getting back from mission
*walking the streets of Brazil and loving it, didn't want to leave

Cami- 20 years old
*just recovering from the stupidest, most awful year of my life
*about to embark on the best year yet

1 Year Ago

Tyson-23 years old
*Still new at his job
*Just graduated from college
*Getting ready "for de baby"

Cami- 22 years old
*Married to the most wonderful man in the world
*Getting rounder in the belly
*Just graduated from college, working full time at Montessori school
*Watching 'Boy Meets World' everyday

1 Day Ago

*Going to temple
*Loving my Camden (wink wink)

*Took long, three hour, baby screaming drive to the temple, had a great time
*Had a lot of fun talking to and spending time with my Hunny, as always
*Watched movie and ate popcorn and brownies, one of my favorite things to do with Tyson


*Went to meetings
*Went to church
*played with my scanner
*Loved my Camden (wink wink)
*I'm going to bed again (has nothing to do with the previous comment), exciting life

*Woke up with Tyson @ 6, got ready for church, got Josh ready, slept for 5 min, woke up, went to church
*Spent most of church in the hall with Josh, but loved it
*Visited Trent, Beck and Ethnie
*Good but boring afternoon and evening until Tyson made cookies, I made pancakes (after Josh went to sleep, finally) and we played Battleship, Tyson beat me, only once though, I love that
*Now I am listening to the rain and Tyson snoring :)


*Going to go to work
*Coming home to my Camden (wink wink)
*Playing with Joshua aka Dude Man

*Finish Assignment 3 for writing class
*start packing
*maybe clean out Josh's closet
*Try not to think about spending a month away from my Hunny

This next year

*I will be CEO of a phenomenal internet start up company
*I'll be making a "Geer" (?) I have no idea honey
*Make lots and lots of money, ha ha ha what a joke
(if you can't tell, Cami is typing this for Tyson and he is falling asleep, so I am typing whatever he says)

*Watch Josh grow up
*Kiss Tyson every time he comes home from work, and lots more if I can help it
*Maybe actually cook everyday
*Keep my babysitting job
*Maybe even get something published
*Perhaps get pregnant again...

I tag anyone who wants to do this, it is way fun!


  1. cam i loved that summer when we first met. one of my favorites. i loved spending time with you and kristen and your families. my favorite was playing hide and seek in your house. i miss you! that's great about tyson getting a new job. congrats!

  2. That was so fun to read. I'll have to do one of those too. I laugh when I read about the funny things you do (and still do) :)