Monday, July 7, 2008

How much he changes in just a few days...

A good shot of his now 4 teeth. Aunt Kenni was the one with the great looking Arabian hat idea. :)
I have way too much fun with stickers.
The gravity force is tough for him in swings. He holds on for dear life and holds his breath and turns red, it looks so funny. We are such mean parents.
So cute. My favorite look.

So this is Josh's crib with his cute train set. He loves to untie it and pull it down on top of him instead of going to sleep.
This is Josh and Tommy, the terrible two. They pulled almost all the books off our bookshelf so we had to take all the books to Tyson's office. :) They are so funny together. Josh LOVES windows, especially banging on them.

The yellow thing in his mouth is a rubber ducky, Josh loves to chew on it to get it to squeak. Tyson has been giving Josh his baths lately and I think they both love it.


  1. I love the your favorite look! I can't wait to see you guys!

  2. hahaha yeah! you guys are freaking halarious!