Friday, April 4, 2008


I love where we live, we live in this little apartment complex and almost everyone here is married couples also. The people that live right across the way from us have a cute little girl and they are like our best friends. All the missionaries in the city also live in the apartments too, and everyone has to abide by the SVU honor code while living here. So it is a cute little Mormon community. The only problem is that rent is really high and without me working very much, we don't have much money for anything else. So we applied to become the apartment managers. I think it would be fun, we would get to be in charge of get togethers, people's rent (which means I would get to know everyone here, plus I just love checks and organizing), and our rent will be cut way down, which would be a huge blessing. Well, one other couple in the complex got interviewed for the job as well, and so we are kind of in limbo, just waiting to see who got it. I really want to get the job, but I also know that the other couple probably needs it too. Waiting is just so hard. I have my hopes up, but I'm not sure if I should have my hopes up, I'm trying to be nice and not wanting to be sad if we don't get it and trying not to have hard feelings for the other couple if they do get it. Oh, waiting...

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