Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Crib hunting

It will be something like this

So I have never really been one to call people or go out of my way to get something that we need. I don't care for shopping, especially if it is with my money. I just am slightly lazy and shy. It seems as if every time I go to the grocerey store, something embarrasing happens to me. Like last time, for example, the milk carton fell out from the carrier under the cart and busted open. So there I am, with this massive diaper bag, my son and his car seat practically taking up the entire front of the cart and milk dripping everywhere. I felt like such a dork. So anyways, on to my original story. So Tyson has tons to do, so whenever it comes to things like shopping, or getting doctors appointments or things like that, he really tries to get me to do it because he just doesn't have time, and I really need to get over my freakish embarresment (I'm pretty sure I'm spelling that wrong, but oh well). So Josh still doesn't have a crib, he has been sleeping in his car seat. He kind of had reflux when he was born, so I was terrified to lay him flat in his bassinet, so he won't sleep in that now, plus he is just too big (he is huge by the way). So, Tyson says "if you really want to get a crib, get one, you can have $100, find one, and we'll get it. So, first Target, the cheapest one is like $150. No go. So Walmart, that is ok, $100, but with the mattress, that is like $200. So I call like every furniture place in town, but they don't carry cribs. Just so you know, calling people is really hard for me, I was very proud of myself. So then I got on craigslist.org. Way cool site. And I found some stuff, and then I advertized my need, and vaula (that is phonetic spelling for the french saying, hehe) someone contacts me. So, we are getting a crib, and I am soooo happy. Tyson was so suprised I went all out. But see for some reason I really really want a crib. And not just any crib, a certain crib, with a certain color. It isn't that I don't like dark wood colors, but it is just that I need that light color, it just seems right for a child. So all my labors are producing good fruits, huzza. Oh, and the price for crib and mattress, $70. They say housewives do nothing, I may not make money, but I can save it. :)

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