Friday, February 1, 2008

Bad Dream makes me realize a Good Life

So last night I had a dream, or nightmare I guess
I should say, about what would have happened if I had decided not to marry Tyson. I was standing on the steps to a huge building in a gorgeous wedding dress but I wasn't marrying Tyson, I can only assume that it was Mike I was going to marry. And it was like my baby, all our memories never happened. And there I was standing there at the pinacle moment of my life, and I had chosen a different path. I felt lost and empty without my honey bunches (that's what I call Tys). I knew that I couldn't marry anyone else, that my heart was and always would be with Tyson. I woke up to the early morning light seeping through the blinds, the murmur of rain on the windows and the roof, and my little baby Joshua breathing in my ear. I sat up and looked over and there was my wonderful husband who is so good to me and I have never been so happy and relieved to know that a dream was just a dream. Tyson is crazy and so funny and so perfect for me. I was always a sucker for love stories, and it is cheesy, but just the thought of not having the husband I do, I know everything would be different, I would be a totally different person, and I would have been so hallow without him. I am so thankful that the Lord let me choose what I wanted most and He helped me figure out what was best for me.


  1. cami that's so sweet! i'm so happy for your life and your adorable little kiddo... and your blog!!

  2. OH good you do have a blog!! yay!! Now I can hear more about your life and your little baby. So cute. Please update often so I can hear about your life. You are so cute and I miss you!

  3. oh what a scary dream! good thing it wasn't real. your baby is so cute cam, not just saying that. you look so good cam.