Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Moments of Josh

This is one of his favorite looks around me. It says: "Mom, what are you doing? I am very nervous with you acting this way." He makes so many faces, it is like he already talking, but without saying anything. Even since he was teeny-tiny, he would raise his eyebrows and make faces. He is so cute.
This is of him smiling, almost. It is so hard to get him to smile in pictures because the flash drives him crazy.
This is from his first bath, isn't he the stinkin chubbiest kid? His tummy is huge!
And this last picture is so funny. Kenni gave Tyson a toy gun for Christmas and Tyson loves to stick the little target bullets unto Josh's head. It is so funny, he looks like a little dinosaur. So funny!


  1. oh cam your baby is so beautiful! seriously what a fun life.

  2. cam, i'm sorry you have insomnia, but i won't lie... i benefit from this because i love reading your posts! josh is adorable!