Tuesday, August 27, 2013


We are starting to get used to our new routine and life.  Next week I start babysitting again, so that will be another adjustment, but I am sure it will be a good one.  Andrew is doing better about his schedule too which is nice, I don't feel like I am feeding him every two seconds anymore.  He is sleeping now.  Caleb quickly does his chores in the morning so he can play on the Kindle Fire for a little bit.  It is pretty cute.  Matthew...well, he is cute, but man alive, he is a holy terror.  I have been trying to really be consistent and punish him accordingly (he has a habit of charming his way out of things).  It is no easy thing sticking with what I say I am going to do.  :)

Little Josh is loving school.  And after my one incident of missing the bus, I was there 20 minutes early yesterday and just sat there with little Matthew waiting for him.  He said when he hopped off, "I LOVE school!  I just want to stay there ALL day long!"  Then he preceded to tell me everything he could remember for the next hour.  After awhile I couldn't really understand what he was saying and my brain hurt, but I kept looking interested, cuz it is just so cute that he wanted me to know everything.  He is so precious and way to grown up looking.

I better go so I can do the dishes before the "bebe" wakes up.  But before I do, funny story time:

I made brownies on Sunday that had coconut and chocolate chunks in them (delish, you should totally try it).  Josh takes a bite and goes, "MOOOM!  Do these brownies have onions in them?!"
I guess coconut looks like onions and since I am always hiding onions in the food because they think they hate them, he was very suspicious.  He almost didn't eat it, but I guess it was so good he didn't care.

Love my crazy boys.

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