Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Baby

I don't know how long I have, so this might be quick.  As I have been posting, for weeks now I have been having TONS of contractions and couldn't tell if they were real or not.  So on the night of August 2, they started again but I didn't think much of it.  I just know I could barely sleep.  Tyson suggested I should read and hopefully that would take my mind of them.  So I did and I promptly fell asleep.  Until a few hours later, Matthew came in crying and he had a fever.  Of course.
The two of us made a little nest on the couch in the front room and snuggled there until he got bored and wanted to play with his toys (at 2am).  Being the mother I am, I let him play, and I read my book.  Tys has a contraction app on his phone that he got just for me, so I used that to see how fast they were coming, about 10 minutes apart.  Finally Matthew gave up with his toys and went to snuggle with Daddy.  I tried to dissuade him, but he wouldn't leave, so I just went back to the couch.  Around 5, I asked Tys to come join me on the couch cuz I felt lonely.  He came to lay down and asked as I doubled over in pain, "do I need to call people?" because apparently I am not capable of actually telling him we need to go to the hospital.
"Yeah, probably a good idea."
Thankfully Dallin heard his phone and he and Cassie came right away, we left for the hospital and made it with much more time to spare than with Matthew (he was born 8 minutes after we got there).
The nurses took one look at my sheet and within minutes the whole room was set and ready to go.  I was thinking "Why?  I am only dilated to a 4."  And my water hadn't even broken, I thought for sure they would send me home.  Nope.  They let me walk around and that was awesome, I had never had that luxury before.  My friend, Em, had taught me some breathing techniques and by some miracle, even through transitioning and the whole labor process, I didn't take any drugs and I breathed without screaming.  It was just a few hours though, but a huge deal for me.
I thought for sure it would take longer, but when my water broke, the nurse asked to check to see how dilated I was, she said 10, got the doctor and told me I could push anytime.  I kept thinking, "there is no way."
But then it came time to push, and a few contractions passed and I didn't feel like pushing, I just felt like dying.  That is when I screamed.  :)  But it didn't last long and at 9:03 am, the little guy came into the world.
I fell in love with him.
Now I can't believe I have four beautiful boys and the most incredible husband (and the boys got all their good looks from him).
Recovery process is not so easy this time around.  I am in a lot of pain in a lot of different areas and I have to take special meds just to keep my blood from clotting in my leg.  But in a few weeks, I will be drug free and hopefully in much less pain and me and the little guy will be in a routine and feel more like ourselves.
Even though it is SOOO not easy, just seeing a picture of these guys reminds me it is totally worth it.

Andrew "Squeaker" Thompson Cooper, 8lbs 8oz, 20in.
(He really sounds like a baby dragon when he cries and he squeaks a lot)

Love these boys.

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  1. I love your boys! And Andrew is a very handsome new addition!