Monday, April 29, 2013

Mama Goes First!

My boys have the best dad.  He tries to teach them all kinds of wonderful things.  Lately he has taught them that "Mama goes first."  When we get home, Tyson opens the door and they all hold the door and wait for me to walk into the house first.  It is really sweet.

Part of me thinks it is unnecessary since it really just slows everyone down, but at the same time I recognize that it is important to teach our boys to be gentleman.  And they have no other girls in their life but me.  :)  Okay, okay, no one they are with a ton.

So the other day we went for a walk and as we started leaving the yard Josh grabs Caleb by the shirt and says in complete seriousness,

"Caleb, remember, when we get home, you let Mama go into the house first.  Okay?"

Caleb: "Okay, I know!"

It is really very sweet but started a few fights.  Josh is really serious about obeying this "rule."  And of course, being the little boss he is, makes sure his brothers obey it too.  So he will grab the little guys and yank them back away from the door so I can go first.

I am not sure if this is really promoting gentlemanly behavior or just giving them another way to beat each other up.  So hopefully they are learning the lesson Tyson wanted them too.  So once I walk through the door, I turn around and curtsy and say,

"Why thank you my little gentlemen!"  Which they get a kick out of.

So, thank you Tyson.  I not only get to actually be the first at something every once in awhile, but I also get to feel like a lady.  Hooray for that.  Even if a brawl does ensue.  :)

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